Cardio Club

Cardio Club

Cardio club was formed due to a demand from our hydro customers for a place to keep up their training in a place that had expert advice on hand at all times whilst providing a friendly and comfortable environment.

We first started with our cardio suite on the first floor of the hydro centre with equipment that was easily used and would have the desired effect of our users. We had equipment like spin bikes, rowers, cross trainers and running machines all used in the cardio arena for keeping your heart healthy.

As more clients wanted to use the centre we have had to look to expand and so with the new building next door we have expanded were the cage allows us to utilise the bodies to their best and use functional training to help our clients reach their goals. 

Our aim in cardio club is to help people to exercise keep healthy and understand that a healthy exercise programme is for everybody not just those who want to be competitive. We also take cardio club out into the community by providing an after school club to help children learn about exercise in a fun way through play.

Working that Muscle

Your heart is really a muscle. It's located a little to the left of the middle of your chest, and it's about the size of your fist. There are lots of muscles all over your body — in your arms, in your legs, in your back, even in your behind. But the heart muscle is special because of what it does. The heart sends blood around your body. The blood provides your body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs. It also carries away waste.

Your heart is sort of like a pump, or two pumps in one. The right side of your heart receives blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs. The left side of the heart does the exact opposite: It receives blood from the lungs and pumps it out to the body.

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