Personal Training

Personal Training

A Personal trainer is a fitness professional that possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to help individuals and or groups perform safe and effective exercise.

They help assist clients reach personal health, wellbeing and fitness goals by providing a structured training program specific to each individual. These programs are developed through a preliminary assessment of an individual’s current fitness and wellbeing. This assessment indicates what aspects of health, wellbeing or fitness that require the most attention. The trainer will then prescribe an agreed training program to suit the individual’s goals.   


The initial assessment involves and in depth analysis of an individual’s health and fitness levels. This is done by a number of tests that will assess aspects such as posture, flexibility, core strength and co-ordination, strength and cardiovascular endurance.

From the assessment the trainer can detect any aspects of the individual’s health that may need immediate correction before a full training program can be prescribed. This method will ensure that the training program prescribed will not add any risk of injury.


Once an assessment has been completed the program can then be created. The benefit of having a personal trainer prescribe and monitor a training program is that they have the knowledge to correct an exercise if it is being performed incorrectly. This decreases the risk of injury and increases the effectiveness of the exercise performed allowing for greater results.

Each session will build on the previous session, this will ensure progression in the program and lead to achieving the short and long term goals agreed upon by the individual and the trainer. The trainer’s accountability and feedback provides motivation to the individual.

Who can benefit???

Personal training can be an effective way for anybody help reach their health and fitness goals. People of any age and fitness background can befit from personal training. A personal training program is developed specifically for each individual to meet their abilities and goals.

All personal trainers are members of the register of exercise professionals (REPS) this ensures that all our trainers meet the national standard of knowledge, skill and expertise.

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