Pool Guidelines

How to use the pools

All clients using the Hydrotherapy Pool must complete a simple Health Questionnaire and be assessed by a member of staff before the first use of the pools. Please book your initial assessment and, any further sessions, in advance by calling reception on (01269) 834726. N.B. When attending the assessment please remember to bring your swimming costume.

Pay for your session at reception.


Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the pool area unless covered by overshoes. The blue overshoes are available from the white container on the wall before you enter the pool area.

To allow everyone access to the changing cubicles, belongings must be kept in the lockers provided. We except no responsibility for the loss of any valuables left in the lockers or changing rooms.



If your circumstances change in any way from the initial health screening, by minor illness or operation (e.g. joint replacement, abdominal surgery or cardiac arrest etc.) you must inform a member of staff. The staff will look at these changes and if necessary will carry out a reassessment. This ensures that the water or the exercises you are undertaking are not having an adverse effect on you. If you are unwell please do not come to the pool. If you are pregnant we advise staying out of the water for the first 3 months.

Any client or carer who has been vomiting or has had diarrhoea within the last 48 hours must not enter the pool.


General Information

  • All pool users must shower before entering the pool

  • Overshoes must be worn over outdoor shoes within the pool area

  • Glass bottles or any breakables are not permitted in either pool area or changing facilities.

  • Equipment on pool side is available for use.

  • Only people who are on the hoist training register are permitted to operate the pool hoist.

  • Users will be given 15 minutes to change after using the facility. If you require more time please alert a member of staff.


Cancellation Procedure

Please inform us if you are unable to attend any sessions so that can be removed from the booking sheet. charges are applicable in most circumstances


Fire/Evacuation Procedure

In the event of a building evacuation a member of staff will direct users to the muster point station. In the event of a full evacuation space blankets will be issued and a member of staff will escort users to the external assembly point.


What medical conditions would prevent me from using the pool?

We would not advise using the facility if you have recently suffered: a stroke, pulmonary embolism, heart attack, DVT, or suffer from resting angina, cardiac failure, uncovered or infected wounds, Check with your GP or consultant if you are in doubt.


Who can use the facility?

The water depth is up to 1.2m deep at all ends, so non-swimmers can safely use the pool. There are hoist facilities to help less able bodied people into and out of the pool.

There must always be a minimum of two people in the facility when it is in use, so that, in the event of anyone getting into difficulty or becoming distressed, help can be summoned quickly. There is an emergency phone on pool side


Are there salts in the water?

No, this is not a ‘spa’ pool. The water temperature is maintained at 35 degrees and the only additive is a little disinfectant and aqua finesse. Details are available on these products at reception

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